Super Gummy Vitamins- Chewable Vitamin Supplements for Children

Mothers are eternally and instictually worried about the nutrition and health of their kids no matter how old they get. This has been an observation that has both amused and irked me… until I became one of those ever worried mothers. Now I know this is legit or atleast I believe so!

Super Gummy vitamin supplements are chewable vitamins for the growing needs of kids above 3 years of age.
The 100% vegetarian, fat free gummies comes in 4 flavours and can be an excellent add on to the regular diet of toddlers and preschoolers.
Being a doctor myself, I feel there is no better way than giving your child simple home cooked meals and ample fruits and veggies. But being a mother, I know how sticking to that is not always practically feasible especially when it comes to fussy toddlers or at times when you are travelling.
The vitamin and mineral packed gummies are here for all the mommies who fret, research and wonder about how they can provide that extra bit of boost to their children’s nutrition and immunity.



When I received the gummies from Super Gummy Kids Vitamin I thought of sharing it with a few other moms in my neighborhood whose kids are of the age group toddlers and above. And guess what they are already loving it!




So go ahead and give your kid the gummy boost!
Stay healthy stay happy
Love Devlina


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