From Long Drives to Diaper Changes

Nauseating to some marshmellow’y’ to others, me and my husband happen to be that kind of a couple who have known each other from school-became friends-turned lovers-turned man and wife-became parents….and remained friends still :-D. A nasty long 14 years is exactly what it took us here today.

Too used to our usual ‘routine’ of weekend eat-outs, mall visits, yearly (sometimes biannual) vacations, impromptu getaways and long drives, sudden visit to our favourite café for cuppa, catching up a late night movie or cheese and wine on weekends, is exactly when  Mr. Stork knocked on our door. We were just back from an amazing Delhi trip last year that we came to know about our pregnancy. Since then to now when our little bundle just over 2 and a half months it has been a long journey- the one where we learned – unlearned, changed-resisted, denied-accepted…and in the process became calmer, more matured and immensely more patient as individuals and as a couple.

We had just started growing up to the idea that we would soon be three from two !



I never kept myself locked up during my pregnancy and while we still continued to catch a movie or two, or eat fuchka when I had cravings, things have slowly started to change (no coffee no alcohol to start with). The drastic change, however,  took place once our duckling arrived- we realized parenthood was more than cuddling a cute little baby. The same Sundays that previously saw us sleeping till noon now had us cleaning poop and soothing the baby since 4 am, the eat-outs gave way to hurried gobbling down of food while she sleeps, dressing up became more of concealing those dark circles and the shopping cart changed its content too… Clothes and gadgets were out, rockers and rompers were in 🙂

Yes it was official we became parents!

The Before
The After

A good part of our conversation now is about the colour and consistency of baby’s poop and how that colic drop was a life saver, visit to our favourite café is a luxury , catching a movie a distant dream and as of now having a vacation is almost like a unicorn for us! Yes it is hard and extremely trying at times. Yet the joy that you feel when your little lump snuggles to you or flashes that smile of innocence in her delicious slumber is something out of this world, something unmatched. We look into each other and just know that no cupcake had ever been more sweet, no booze could have given us a greater high and no vacation could have been a better journey than this…. 🙂


At 3 weeks she is now the apple of our eyes



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